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Goat Solution’s Tobacco & Vanilla Infusion Goat Milk Soap with Fresh Ground Coffee and Rhassoul Clay

Discover the rugged elegance of Goat Solution’s Tobacco & Vanilla Infusion Goat Milk Soap, a handcrafted treasure that blends the timeless allure of tobacco with the sweet, comforting notes of vanilla. Enriched with fresh ground coffee for gentle exfoliation and Rhassoul clay for its purifying qualities, this soap is a testament to sophistication and natural skincare conjoined in harmony.

Key Ingredients:

Tobacco Extract: At the heart of this bar lies a rich, deep tobacco extract—evoking the classic image of refined luxury. It’s not just an aroma; it provides a comforting presence on the skin, known for its antioxidant properties.

Vanilla: Swirling through each lather is the creamy, sweet essence of vanilla, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that soothes the soul and uplifts the spirit.

Fresh Ground Coffee: Exfoliation is key to maintaining healthy skin, and our soap includes finely ground coffee to gently buff away dead skin cells. This natural exfoliant promotes rejuvenation, leaving your skin feeling smooth and invigorated.

Rhassoul Clay: Mined from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, Rhassoul clay is renowned for its unparalleled ability to draw out impurities and toxins from the skin, while providing essential minerals for skin health. Its inclusion ensures a deeply purifying yet gentle cleansing experience.


Sensory Awakening: The robust scent of tobacco paired with the sweetness of vanilla offers a unique and captivating olfactory experience, awakening the senses and enveloping you in luxury.

Gentle Exfoliation: The fresh ground coffee in our soap sloughs off dead skin cells without stripping the skin of moisture, promoting soft, smooth skin with a vibrant glow.

Deep Cleansing and Purification: Rhassoul clay works its magic by absorbing excess oil and dirt, making this soap ideal for all skin types, including oily and acne-prone skin.

Moisturizing and Nourishing: Rich in fatty acids, goat milk deeply hydrates the skin, supporting the natural barrier function and leaving the skin supple and moisturized.

The Scent Experience:

Immerse yourself in the intoxicating blend of tobacco and vanilla, where the boldness of tobacco is perfectly balanced by the creamy sweetness of vanilla. This sophisticated fusion is accentuated by the earthy undertones of freshly ground coffee, creating a complex and masculine aroma that lingers pleasantly on the skin. Each use transforms your shower into an opulent retreat, offering not just a cleansing ritual but a full sensory escape.

Made with- Farm fresh raw goat milk, organic coconut oil, organic extra virgin oil oil, raw shea butter, vanilla ext, local honey, tobacco ext, essential oil, rhassoul clay, fresh ground coffee