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Event's you can find us at

  • TPD Night Market
  • 4/26/2024-18:0
  • 4/26/2024-22:0
  • Lake Eola Park (431 E CENTRAL BLVD. Orlando, FL)
  • Goat Solution will be at the TPD Night Market - located at TPD Circle @ Lake Eola Park. The TPD Market is a regularly occurring event — every Thursday and Friday — highlighting uniquely fantastic local makers + artists. Held at TPD Circle, they curate select artists/makers. We’re so looking forward to seeing you!
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  • Thrift on 46
  • 4/27/2024-10:0
  • 4/27/2024-14:0
  • 3442 FL-46. Sanford, FL
  • Goat Solution will be at the Thrift on 46 - Pop Up Shop ! Come enjoy Italian food, live music from Bri Bishop & more!
  • 0
  • Springtime Soirée
  • 4/28/2024-11:0
  • 4/28/2024-16:0
  • 2322 Edgewater Dr. Orlando, FL
  • Goat Solution will be at the Springtime Soirée - Hosted by HGSS.
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Treat your skin to the luxury it deserves with whipped body butter and scrubs.

Loaded with vitamins, minerals, and pure goat milk, our body butters and scrubs harmonize your skin, enhancing its inherent radiance. The subtle exfoliation from the sugar crystals eliminates dead skin cells and impurities that could be blocking your pores. Meanwhile, the innate hydrating properties of goat milk ensure your skin stays moisturized.

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I'm not sure what I did before I started using this scrub, but my skin has never looked better. It's so gentle and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and looking radiant. I especially love using it in the summer when my skin starts to feel a little dry.

Megan G.

Luxurious Products from Locally-Sourced Farm Ingredients

Straight From The Local Farms to Your Skin & Hair.

Welcome to the world of skin and hair care, where the ingredients are freshly sourced from local farms. Our commitment to utilizing only the freshest and most natural ingredients ensures that your skin and hair are treated with the utmost care and attention they deserve. At Goat Solution, we take pride in using ingredients that are not only effective but also high in quality. By sourcing ingredients directly from local farms, we can ensure that our products are made with only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients. Each ingredient is handpicked with the utmost care and attention, and we are proud to support our local farmers. By using ingredients that are locally sourced, we help to promote sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint. With our commitment to sustainability, we are proud to offer our clients a range of products that are not only effective, but also good for the environment.


High-Quality, Affordable Goat Milk Skincare Products Made for You.

Our mission is to provide an affordable, elevated goat milk skincare experience that nourishes and revitalizes the skin. We believe that all skin deserves to be treated with respect and love, and we vow to never use artificial ingredients or chemicals in our products.


What sets us apart from the rest?

Our products are the best because they are never diluted with water. This means that you get the full benefits of the goat milk and other ingredients, without any fillers. Other brands may dilute their products with water to save money, but this can reduce the effectiveness of the ingredients. At Goat Solution, we only use the highest quality ingredients in our products, so you can be sure you're getting the best possible care for your skin.

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I've been using the product a little over a week for my infant daughter's eczema. Let me tell you, life-changing results!!

Rachel S.


Ordered some goat milk soap at the suggestion of a friend and have been amazed at the results.

Devin T.