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Como La Flor Soap – Limited Edition from the Selena Collection by Goat Solution

In tribute to the iconic legacy of Selena, the Mexican-American singer whose talent and charm captivated the world, Goat Solution is proud to present “Como La Flor,” a limited edition soap as vibrant and enduring as her memory. This exquisite addition to our Selena Collection harmoniously blends the enchanting florals of rose and jasmine with the bright, zesty notes of orange and lime. “Como La Flor” is a celebration of love, beauty, and resilience – qualities that Selena embodied to the fullest.

Key Ingredients:

  • Rose & Jasmine: These romantic floral essences are at the heart of “Como La Flor,” symbolizing love and femininity. Their intoxicating scents soothe the spirit and pamper the skin, leaving a delicate, floral aroma.
  • Orange & Lime: Bursting with citrus joy, the zesty oils of orange and lime uplift and invigorate, adding a sparkling freshness that energizes and refreshes the senses.


  • Radiant Skin: Infused with the moisturizing richness of goat milk, “Como La Flor” leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and luxuriously hydrated.
  • Uplifting Aroma Therapy: The perfect balance of floral and citrus creates a delightful scent profile that lifts the mood, reminiscent of Selena’s spirited performances.
  • Gentle Cleansing: Suitable for all skin types, this soap offers a gentle yet effective cleansing experience, removing impurities while nourishing the skin.
  • A Tribute to Remember: By choosing “Como La Flor,” you’re not only treating yourself to a high-quality skincare product but also honoring Selena’s unforgettable legacy with every lather.

The Scent Experience:

“Como La Flor” invites you on an olfactory voyage that captures the essence of a blossoming garden under the bright Texas sun. Imagine the lush, velvety aroma of roses and jasmine merging seamlessly with the lively sparkle of orange and lime. This fragrance is a melody that dances on the skin long after the shower, a constant reminder of Selena’s timeless elegance and the joy she brought to the world.

MADE WITH- Raw farm fresh goat milk, organic coconut oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, local honey, raw shea butter, orange, lime, rose and jasmine,